Cast Iron Cookware

Iron cookware has been around forever and it is no suprise. The thermal charactoristics and behaviours of properly seasonds pans and skillets yields great results for all culinary persuits.

Seasoning is the process in which a layer of black oxide is added to the cookware to protect it form further oxidation. An oil based additive is also incorporated to displace moisture and allow for nonstick properties.  


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While iron cookware is widely accepted there is most certainly a greater appreciation for it in the south. Culinary aficionados favor the performance of cast iron for many reasons but many years ago one of the biggest advantages was the non stick behavior provided only by as seasoned pan or skillet. A well seasoned pan or skillet was at one time the closest thing to Teflon. The advent of nonstick Teflon has changed the playing field but it has not made cast iron utensils obsolete.  

Cooking with cast iron can provide unique dynamics that are not found anywhere else. Some may even say true cajun cooking can not be achieved with out the use of iron.


Common iron cookeware consists of;

  • skillets
  • pans
  • griddles

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